NEW e-BOOK 2018 RSS feed for public list NEW e-BOOK 2018 A handbook for student nurses : by Benbow, Wendy, Academic leadership in nursing : by Neal-Boylan, Leslie, Active house : by Feifer, Lone, Adaptive water management : by Edalat, Farideh Delavari, Advanced public and community health nursing practice : by Ervin, Naomi E., Aging and aging-related diseases : An emerging approach for education and care : Application of wavelets in speech processing / by Farouk, Mohamed Hesham, Beyond utopia : by Nyilas, Agnes, Big Data : Biosensors and nanotechnology : Caring science, mindful practice : by Sitzman, Kathleen, Children and families in the digital age : City of play : by P´┐Żerez de Arce, Rodrigo, Classroom management in teacher education programs / by Davis, Jonathan Ryan, Clinical analytics and data management for the DNP / by Sylvia, Martha L., Community mental health : Complementary and alternative therapies in nursing / Concise introduction to linear algebra / by Hu, Qingwen, Connecting childhood and old age in popular media / Contemporary issues in housing design / Core curriculum for pain management nursing / Critical infrastructures, key resources, key assets : Critical pedagogy in nursing : by Dyson, Sue, Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing education / Developing young children's mathematical learning outdoors : by Keith, Lynda, Disaster epidemiology : Disaster mental health counseling : Europe reset : by Youngs, Richard, Evaluating IT projects / by Shtembari, Eriona, Evidence based diagnostics of musculoskeletal disorders in primary care / by Verhagen, Arianne, Evidence-based care for breastfeeding mothers : by Pollard, Maria, Found in translation : Global cultures of contestation : Green building transitions : by Affolderbach, Julia, Handbook of research on form and morphogenesis in modern architectural contexts / Helping children learn : by Meadows, Sara, Infiltrating healthcare : by Grundy, Quinn, Information technology science / Innovations in behavioural health architecture / by Verderber, Stephen, Internet of things A to Z : Introduction to quality and safety education for nurses : Introduction to statistical methods for financial models / by Severini, Thomas A. IoT : by Yarali, Abdulrahman, K-taping : by Kumbrink, Birgit, Linux for embedded and real-time applications / by Abbott, Doug, Masterful care of the aging athlete : Mathematical models for remote sensing image processing : Mathematical optimization terminology : by Keller, Andre A., Multidisciplinary approach to osteoporosis : Nursing adolescents and young adults with cancer Nursing in critical care setting : by Comisso, Irene, Nursing informatics 2018 : Nursing interventions classification (NIC) / Nursing outcomes classification (NOC) : The datafication of primary and early years education : by Bradbury, Alice, The myth of international order : by Chowdhury, Arjun,