Middle range theory for nursing /

Middle range theory for nursing / Mary Jane Smith, Patricia R. Liehr, editors. - 4th ed. - New York, NY : Springer Publishing Company, LLC, c2018. - xvii, 487 p. : ill.

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Disciplinary perspectives linked to middle range theory / Marlaine C. Smith -- Understanding middle range theory by moving up and down the ladder of abstraction / Mary Jane Smith and Patricia R. Liehr -- Evaluation of middle range theories for the discipline of nursing / Marlaine C. Smith -- Theories of uncertainty in illness / Margaret F. Clayton, Marleah Dean, & Merle Mishel -- Theory of meaning / Teresa Daniel Ritchie, Suzy Mascaro Walter, & Patricia Starck -- Theory of bureaucratic caring / Marilyn A. Ray -- Theory of self-transcendence / Pamela G. Reed -- Theory of symptom management / Melinda S. Bender, Susan Janson, Linda S. Franck, and Kathryn A. Lee -- Theory of unpleasant symptoms / Elizabeth R. Lenz and Linda C. Pugh -- Theory of self-efficacy / Barbara Resnick -- Story theory / Patricia R. Liehr and Mary Jane Smith -- Theory of transitions / Eun-Ok Im -- Theory of self-reliance / John Lowe -- Theory of cultural marginality / Heeseung Choi -- Theory of moral reckoning / Alvita K. Nathaniel -- Theory of self-care of chronic illness / Barbara Riegel, Tiny Jaarsma, and Anna Stromberg -- Concept building for research / Patricia R. Liehr and Mary Jane Smith -- Nature immersion : a concept for nursing research / Misako Nagata -- Sheltering in place : a concept for nursing research / Kimberly Ann Wallace -- Yearning for sleep while enduring distress : from concept building to research proposal development / April L. Shapiro -- Reconceptualizing normal : from concept building to proposal development / Shelley J. Greif -- Middle range theory : spinning research and practice to create knowledge for the new millennium / Liehr, Patricia and Smith, Mary Jane -- Middle range theory : a perspective on development and use / Patricia Liehr and Mary Jane Smith.

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Nursing theory.
Nursing research.

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